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TR-601B Desktop Two-Way Radio Intercom with call buttons
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Security Desktop Two-way Radio Intercom with Wireless Calling System Call Buttons
  • Product Origin:China
  • Brand:MEEYI
  • Item NO.:TB-601B
  • Shipping Port:EXW Quanzhou
  • Color:Black
  • Lead Time:3- 15 days after receipt of the payment
  • Payment:TT in advance
Product Details

1. Dialing any station by dial key

2. It has 16 channels, selectable call or group call to walkie-talkie

3. Noise compensated gooseneck microphone with dynamic compression

4. Adjustment of microphone sensitivity and loudspeaker output

5. Can work with wireless calling buttons

6. Recording wireless calling button information in itself and computer

7.It can work with 799 pieces of calling buttons, program numbers ranging from 0000-9999



  Radio frequency power:


  Call button frequency: 


  Audio power:



 NiMH battery 7.5V, 1,300mAh


 12V DC, 1A



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