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Restaurant 433Mhz Calling System Wireless Display Receiver
Wireless Calling System
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433Mhz Wireless LED display Receiver works with Call Buttions
  • Product Origin:CHINA
  • Brand:MEEYI
  • Item NO.:Y-48
  • Shipping Port:Quanzhou Port
  • Color:Black and gold
  • Lead Time:3-15 days after receipt of payment
  • Payment:100% TT in advance
Product Details

Restaurant 433Mhz Calling System Wireless Display Receiver

1. Show current time when it is standby

2. Show the last 3 calls at the same time

3. Can work with 256pcs of transmitters in max

4. Show 3 digit numbers from 000 to 999

5. Can store 10 calls and rolling display the calling numbers

6. Indicate different service types with indicator lights

7. Ring tone and volume are adjustable

Working voltage


Available Distance

800m in the open air



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