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Meeyi Cash Counter Interphone Window Intercom Kit
MEEYI office intercom
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hand free intercom cash counter window intercom kit  
  • Product Origin:china
  • Brand:MEEYI
  • Item NO.:MY-E360
  • Shipping Port:Quanzhou
  • Lead Time:within 3-7 days after payment received
  • Payment:100% T/T inadvance
Product Details

Meeyi Cash Counter Interphone Window Intercom Kit

Product Details:


  • Hands-free Window Intercom Kit two-way talkback with automaticity.
  • Microcomputer-controlled circuit that thoroughly avoids echo and squeal problem.
  • Adopts high-powered microphone, with elegant appearance. Voice is lifelike and clear. The volume of master station and substation can be adjusted spearately.
  • Easy-installed: there is only one wire connecting between master station and substation.
  • There is output for recording, so Window Intercom Kit can connect record equipment externally.

MY-E360 2-way Window Intercom KitMY-E360_07.jpg







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