Long-range wireless call system by repeater Y-Q5


As we all know, the biggest drawback of wireless calling equipment is that the transmission distance is limited, and the signal cannot be particularly stable. Our repeater can effectively solve these problems and make the wireless signal work more smoothly at longer distances.
At present, wireless calling devices are favored by many customers due to their easy installation and low cost. They are usually used for emergency calls in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, factories, supermarkets, malls, clothing stores, bars, and other places.
For this reason, MEEYI provides customers with more and better solutions for long-distance wireless signal transmission.

Solution 1:

The distance from the transmitter to the repeater is 100meters at most, and the repeater to the receiver is 300meters at most. But if there is any wall between this device, the working distance should be recheck in the real environment.

Long range wireless call system

Solution 2:

If your receiver is far away from the call buttons, you can connect more repeaters by CAT 6 cables, to make sure the call buttons can be transmitted to the receiver. as below:

Wireless nurse call

Solution 3:

If your hospital is 3 floors or more, your receiver is on the first floor for example. you can set it as below:

Wireless call bells

Solution 4:

if your hospital is 3 floors or more, and each floor has one receiver, you can set it as below:

Wireless pager

Solution 5:

If your system is more complicated, you can check the below suggestion.

Aid bells