Create An Invisible Queue for The Restaurant:Guest Pager System

For many restaurants, the guest pager system is an essential tool that let customers know when their order or table is ready, creates a queue in the invisible.

The guest pager system is the perfect tool to help you increase profits. On the one hand, it Improves staff efficiency, in order to serve more customers. on the other hand, it also reduces customer wait times. Eliminate the need for customers to wait at the counter. Let them walk away knowing they will be paged when it is their turn.

With the help of the guest pager system, waiters in the restaurant can better communicate with customers, and reduce wait times through fast food delivery. No more cold food, improve guest overall experience,  increase their satisfaction overall.

A complete guest pager system includes pager, charging base, and keyboard. We currently have three types of guest pager system for you to choose from.

How to work?
1. Give Customers a Pager
Customers will receive a numbered pager when placing an order or waiting to be seated.
2. Page Customers
When their order or table is ready, enter the number of the customers’ pager into the transmitter and they will instantly be alerted with a vibration, lights and optional sound.
3. Customers go to pick up food
After receiving the reminder, customers can go to the counter to pick up their food

We offer custom labels on all pagers, you can print the logo you want on the page.