How to build a queue system within 3min at lowest cost?


Queue system is designed to improve healthcare center’s outpatient flow and increases hospitals, labs or clinic facilities efficiency. Assigning patients to their appointed hospital staff or doctors at the correct room. Handling healthcare center’s crowd well by providing comfortable transition on every step. Queue Manager works well with various businesses e.g:Hospitals, Clinics, Dental clinics, Treatment centers, Car service center, Bank, Restaurant, Hotels, and so on.

Firstly, Choose a very simple queue system “plug to call”, it will be including a keypad, and a display.

Secondly, A simple reception to talk a number with ticket.

The queuing system must be very easy to install and configure to realize the ideal solution for easily managing first come first served queuing, also to increase the quality of your customer service.

MEEYI Simple queue system provides real comfort for your clients, improved efficiency for your teams and a gain in productivity for your organization.

Meeyi’s queuing solutions reduce waiting times and give an image of perfect reception quality for hospitals, clinics, pharmacies or laboratories.


·Ready to use system: " Plug & Call "

·Simple reception: take a number system with ticket

·Adapted to your needs: without wiring

·An intuitive ticket system: extremely simple operation

·Call system: on electronic display

·Customisable: choice of colours (tickets, displays)

·Many options: call pad, ticket dispenser, display