Wireless call bell for factory/ office


Factory wireless call solution introduction:

The MEEYI factory solution consists of a wireless multi-key pager, control center, display screen, portable receiver, and software. Effectively solve the emergency call of the production line, ensure the normal working speed of the production line, and improve the work efficiency of the factory.

Wireless call bell system applications:

A four-key pager is installed at each key part of the production line, and the serial number of the production line is used as the address code of the production line position for the overall setting. A central processor is installed in the middle of the workshop of the production line, and it is powered by city electricity. When a key part fails, the operator presses the pager button, and the host display directly displays the machine number, and the maintenance personnel immediately go to the point of failure to deal with it.

Factory wireless call pagers System Features:

1) The system uses a wireless call system to realize wireless calls. It is suitable for environments with a lot of factory areas (such as machine noise, etc.), which facilitates maintenance personnel and others to perform operations in various locations, and can obtain demand information in the shortest time.

3) Save expenses and improve efficiency, thereby improving efficiency.

4) Anti-interference, accurate call signal. Because the system adopts the RF signal mode, it has a strong anti-interference ability and avoids the interference of factors such as noise; the system decodes accurately.

5) Low maintenance cost and simple construction: Because of the wireless transmission, no wiring is required. Except for the mainframe and signal amplifier, the system is powered by dry batteries. If the pager buttons do not work, there will be no power loss.