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E5HS-G30-10 E5 Hospital Management System Nurse Touch screen intercom
Hospital Management System Nurse Care Nurse Station
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It can actualize two-way calling and two-way intercom among ward door substations and wad substations.
  • Product Origin:CHINA
  • Brand:MEEYI
  • Item NO.:E5HS-G30-10
  • Shipping Port:Quanzhou Port
  • Color:white, gray
  • Lead Time:3-15 days after receipt of payment
  • Payment:100% TT in advance
Product Details

1. It can timely display the information of patients with electronic patients’ information table. It can dynamically display when the terminal is calling, and it can rolling display the calling information of substations and can print the calling information in varied combinations.

2. It can manage the information displaying and the content releasing of LED display or LCD television.

3. It can automatically or manually release the information. When the master station is connected with the Hospital HIS System, it can transfer the updated information to all substations.

4. The software can alter and has timing function.

5. The vibration and ring-tone can be adjusted automatically according to different periods.

6. Call transfer;

7. It can broadcast and play music.

8. It can set up the reminder contents like alter clock to remind patients of treatment time.



Power Source


Power Consumption


Network Protocol


Network Chip Rate


Audio Sampling

22.050kHz-44.1Khz, 16bit

Transmit Rate

16k~192k bps


10” Color LCD Touch Screen


Audio output, 2 short-circuit input, 2 short-circuit output, SD card holder, RJ45




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