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Digital Coaster Pager Wireless Waiter Paging System
Coaster pager wireless restaurant paging system
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 wireless paging system coaster pager   
  • Product Origin:CHINA
  • Brand:MEEYI
  • Item NO.:Y-P305
  • Shipping Port:Quanzhou Port
  • Color:White
  • Lead Time:3 days after payment
  • Payment:100% T/T
Product Details

Digital Coaster Pager Wireless Waiter Paging System

10 pagers in 1 set

alert model: flashing, vibration, sound

MEEYI guest paging system for restaurant

Restaurant Paging System

System Components:

Wireless keypad: Y-P801 / Y-P800

Guest Pager: Y-P302 / Y-P305

Pager Charging Base: Y-P302C / Y-P305C

Wireless Receiver: Y-303B

Guest Paging System Wireless Pager

Receiving Frequency


Receiving Sensitivity



3.7V/ 800mAH

Standby Current


Restaurant Paging System Call Pager

wireless paging system

How does the system work?

 After the customer has ordered and paid for his meal, he will take the pager(Y-P305) with him to his table. 

When the meal is ready, and the staff can activate the pager(Y-P305) via the number keypad(Y-P800 or Y-P801), then the guest pager will beep in a subtle way, blinking and vibrating to notice the customer that the order is ready for pick-up.


Benefits of the system
With the system, Guests don’t need to queue for a long time to take their meal or to wait for other services. Meanwhile, when the order is ready, the waiter doesn’t need to call the guests loudly.
The system improves efficiency and service level, reducing labor costs and enhancing the restaurant’s image.   


• No queues
• Less workload
• Ensuring guests’ circulation
• No loud number calling
• Better image
• Higher revenues
• IBeing quiet

Wireless Paging System Coaster Pager

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