Smart Mobile Wireless Introduces

These days, everyone has a smart phone; and thanks to the way most wireless companies do business, just about everyone also has a very high bill to go along with it. Smart Mobile Wireless understands ...

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An Introduction to Waiter Paging Systems

Waiters and waitresses are essential staff in any restaurant, even more so for medium- to large-sized ones. They are in charge of meeting and greeting the customers, suggesting food selection, taking ...

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Stout Rings The Holiday Bell

NuTone makes wireless chimes in both plug in and portable systems. With a plug-in system, the receiver is plugged into a wall outlet and the transmitter is installed outside the door. A basic model co...

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Service Calling In Restaurants

With food and beverages being the first hand commodity, restaurants and coffee ‎shops strive to deliver better services to meet higher customer expectations. Successful ‎hospitality businesses compete...

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Advantages Of Having A Built-In Intercom System

Intercoms can be used for many different applications. Either you are using it for music distribution throughout your home or monitoring your children. It’s also gives that added security of answering...

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Why Should We Install A Video Door Phone Intercom System?

We live in very unpredictable times as we are extremely vulnerable to safety and security issues. There is no alternative to taking precautionary measures in this matter, and people who leave it for l...

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How to Choose a Wireless Call Box System

When you need a way for clients, students, employees, or anyone else to communicate with you from distant areas of your campus or property, a callbox or call box is one way to do it. A call box is a b...

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Publish What You Learn

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