Simple wireless call systems for Restaurant

The system consists of call buttons, a waiter watch and a counter display.Choose from the call button watch and monitor, or use both.
When the guest presses the call button, the attendant watch and counter display are displayed in the first time, with ringing and flashing reminders to enable the attendant express to locate the guest position.

If you want the waiter to deliver the food to the guests in time, it is recommended to add a keyboard to the kitchen.The kitchen can be enter the table number and display on the waiter's watch after finished cooking.

System details

1.Receiver for counter
Y-G10                                                                    Y-48

Y-128E                                                                   Y-900

2.Call  button for the client
Y-KS3                                                                    Y-A3-WR

Y-B13                                                                     Y-FD4

3.Wrist watch for waiter

4.Keypad for kitchen
Tip:If there are multiple floors, the repeaters should be installed according to the actual distance.