Meeyi Nurse Call system solutions ALL IN ONE


As a better solution provider and factory of wireless call systems, we have provided lots of wireless call systems for supermarkets, shopping malls, restaurants, also have solutions for clinics and hospitals. When the patient asks the nurse for help by pressing the call button, and the receiver alerts the nurse by ringing and flashlight after receiving the signal. Here are several solutions for different projects.

Wireless nurse call system for clinic and hospital

Solution 1, Simple and economical plan

Application: Clinic

With a simple, easy-to-install system that requires only the following devices,

Y-FS2-WR-H for bedside, and Y-FS2-WR-D for toilet, Y-700 Corridor lamp, Y-128E for nurse station, and Y-650 wrist watch for Nurse.

Solution 2, can support 200pcs call buttons hospital.

Application: Hospital, Health care

Nurse station software records call information, can display letters and call status, support more call buttons, Suitable for medium-sized hospitals.

Y-900 with software management for Nurse station, Y-FS2-WR-H for bedside call, and Y-FS2-WR-D for toilet emergency call, Y-700 Corridor lamp, and Y-650 wrist watch for Nurse.

Solution 3, support the hospital/ nursing system with more than 500pcs call buttons

Application: Big hospital

Adopt a more efficient management center, more intuitive management of call information. Stronger custom features, no limit on the number of call buttons, suitable for large hospital projects.

Y-FS2-WR-H for bedside, and Y-FS2-WR-D for toilet, W630-G35 (8 colors) Corridor lamp, W620DL-G66 Corridor lamp, W920-S2 for nurse station, and W811-G1 gateway repeater.