MEEYI Wireless calling system for Theater.


MEEYI Wireless calling system for Theater.

A new generation of digital call systems, with a variety of application scenarios, this time the solution is for theaters, high-end theaters to provide better service to customers. The system provides a good measure of the response time and number of services. Here are details of the first movie theater case that was born in Qatar,

Equipment requirementsW920-S2 management center, W811-G1 gateway and call button

How to install and build the system?

1.A gateway is installed in each theater and connected to the W920-S2 of the management centre via a local area network (LAN), which requires a network connection.

2.Each seat will mount a call button, When the customer presses call button,call button will send a call message via wireless signal to W920-S2.Customers can call service or seek help through call button, rather than Shouting to ensure customers a quality viewing environment.



  1. The digital call system can count all calls
  2. Customers can call service quietly to ensure a comfortable viewing environment
  3. Fashionable design, better integrated into the theater environment
  4. For call button, there are no quantitative restrictions and well compatible with small or large theaters
  5. A combination of wired and wireless solutions to break the limits of distance