LoRa MEEYI Long Range Wireless Systems Introduction

MEEYI LoRa wireless call systems provide ultra long range to public places.


New and emerging wireless standards such as LoRa (short for Long Range), are key to the Internet of Things industry since they are designed specifically for simple call devices requiring long range and long battery life. Wireless standards such as LoRa are prominent across countless industries and applications, from health care to agriculture and retail, proving to deliver long-lasting benefits to companies around the world.

MEEYI LoRa products details
  1. LoRa Gateway, support Long range working distance, the test result is about 7th floor building, and 500m2 per floor at least. 
  2. LoRa Wrist watch, Supports multi languages and more than 500meters working range to get the calling signals.
  3. LoRa Call buttons, up to 3 walls at least of working range. Double way transfer.
  4. Smart Internet touch screen receiver, wall mounted display and PC software management systems make your all operation much easier.
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