How to use the wireless call system to improve the service quality of fashion shops?


MEEYI Wireless call system brings efficient service and faster communication to all walks of life. Today, being widely used in restaurants, cinemas, cafes, and other services today is to introduce a new fashion store of application scenarios. The following shows the two scenarios,

Scheme 1, the system consists of the caller and the receiving watch, installed in each fitting room, when the customer needs help, can the watch show the number of the fitting room, and the waiter can provide the service accurately and timely

Scheme 2, the system consists of intercom and callers, which is suitable for large fashion stores with multiple service personnel. The system has two advantages, 1. When the customer needs help, press the caller, and the intercom will immediately receive the fitting room number, and provide help. And can be dispatched and assigned personnel through voice intercom. 2. Employees can also communicate through the intercom, emergencies can be remote and instant communication.