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Restaurant Wireless Receiver Waiter Wrist Watch Receiver
restaurant call system Waiter Use Watch
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Wireless System Watch Reciever with LCD screen for waiter/waitress
  • Product Origin:CHINA
  • Brand:MEEYI
  • Item NO.:Y-630
  • Shipping Port:Quanzhou
  • Color:Black
  • Lead Time:3-7 days after payment received
  • Payment:100% T/T inadvance
Product Details

Restaurant Wireless Receiver Waiter Wrist Watch Receiver 

1.     Use SCM digital encoding technology& learning encoding, can receive the signals from long distance with stable function            

2.     High light LED display screen, high definition, vibration or music chord for choice,

3.     It can connect up to 50 pagers at most,

4.     Can display 001-999 numbers and or any 300 groups of letter combinations that first letter ie. A B C D E F  H L  P U ;,can queue and save 10 calling record,

5.     It can work with single key or multi-key transmitter at the same time ,display screen  would show service types, the qty of light display stands for certain type of service (one light: service; two lights: order; three: bill  Bizone warm backup and self-recovery technology, prevent code loss, code mixing.

Working Voltage

DC 9V-12V 

Dynamic working current


Receiver sensitivity


Frenquency of the transmitter





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