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Hospital Nurse Management Equipment Patient Information Management System
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meeyi hospital nurse management system
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  • Brand:MEEYI
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Product Details

Hospital Nurse Management Equipment Patient Information Management System

Nurse management system plays a critical role in the delivery of quality patient care. In hospital, or other healthcare setting, a reliable, high-functioning system is truly the nest best thing to face to face commnunication between a patient and a nurse, the MEEYI nurse call system is such one nuse call system.

meeyi nurse call system master station

Functions and Features: 
1) Uninterrupted call: the mainframe is able to display calls from multiple 
extensions, and memorize them. Extensions can perform incoming calls in all 
status, such as standby, talking and broadcasting 
2) Hand-held call intercom with a hand-held caller, the extension can realize call, 
call release, intercom and LED display 
3) Duplex intercom is available between the mainframes. LED channel of mainframe 
can choose indicator light flash, and music is promptl.
4) Group call function. The mainframe can realize calls to intercom with partial 
extensions at the same time 
5) Volume setting up 
6) Corridor display 
7) Many kinds of extensions for optional according to your need


Techincal Parameters:

Working voltage:


Working current: 


Transmit Frequency: 


Environment tem:




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System Diagram:

4 wired nurse call system.jpg

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