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Digital Video Intercom System Management Center E8GL-G30-10CL-D20
E8 Video Door Phone System
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E8 Digital Video Intercom System-- System Management Center
  • Product Origin:China
  • Brand:MEEYI
  • Item NO.:E8GL-G30-10CL-D20
  • Shipping Port:Quanzhou Port
  • Color:Silver
  • Lead Time:3-15 days after receipt of the payment
  • Payment:TT in advance
Product Details

1. Can connect 8 defense alarm ports;

2. Can receive call, alarm from any household of community and respond to call and alarm;

3. Can memorize call, missed call and alarm information, 200000 pers section to be checked at anytime. And it cannot be disturbed by ring, call, and monitoring;

4. Can talk, unlock, and receive all from gate door station;

5. Can talk, unlock, and receive call from unit door station;

6. Can send personal information to tenement;

7. Can send public information to unit, building and area;

8. Can send video advertisement and advertisements pictures to door station;

9. Can send advertisement pictures to door station.





 DC 12V


 10" TFT Color LCD Screen



 Static Current


 Dynamic Current


 Working Temperature




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